Care and services

Physical health programs and services

When our people need health care, they most often turn to CLSC Naskapi, which is their first point of contact with the provincial health care system. It doesn’t matter if it’s front-line, second-line or third-line services.

The CLSC directly provides front-line health care services. They then make sure that health care services provided to patients are coordinated to ensure continuity of care and to facilitate movement through the health care system when more specialized care is needed or services are not available locally.

Our basic health care services are increasingly comprehensive and include prevention and treatment of injuries and common illnesses, basic 24/7 emergency services, coordination with other levels of care such as hospitals and specialists. It should be noted that we have a physician present on the territory at all times.

Patients requiring further diagnosis or treatment are referred to other health care services outside our territory as needed. As is the case with some diagnostic tests, and for other health professionals such as medical specialists.

Here is a list of our current health care services for basic care and client services.

Several other services are under development.

Social and community services

Care and services

Social and community services

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